Koehler Retiring This Week

Dec 26, 2017
koehler retires

Keith Koehler is retiring from Wyandot Memorial Hospital at the end of the year as the clinical engineer responsible for the facility’s medical equipment and phone systems.

Keith Koehler of Upper Sandusky is retiring on December 29 as the clinical engineer at Wyandot Memorial.

Koehler has worked at the hospital since 1984. He has been responsible for the clinical devices and equipment both on site and at off-campus offices, including their installation, regular maintenance and repairs. He also assisted with the transition from typewriters to computers and the creation of an information technology department.

Koehler is a Certified Telecommunications Professional in Healthcare (CTPH) and managed the facility’s phone system from its start with 12 rotary-dial telephones and 4 lines to the current Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) of 368 phones and 56 lines.

In addition, Koehler served on the safety and facilities planning committees due to his extensive knowledge of the hospital’s physical plant and equipment.