SleepCare Emphasizing Importance of Good Sleep Health During Sleep Week March 11-17

Mar 7, 2018

Wyandot Memorial Hospital’s SleepCare is celebrating Sleep Awareness Week by sharing tips for better sleep on social media and emphasizing the important role sleep has on overall health.

The event is March 11 – 17 and coincides with the start of Daylight Savings Time. The sleep tips will be posted on the hospital’s Facebook page throughout the week.

“Springing ahead often takes some of us a little while to adjust to,” noted Heather Schindler, sleep lab technologist with SleepCare. “It’s the ideal time to evaluate our sleep patterns and any issues we may be having.”

Schindler said this year’s theme of “Begin with Sleep” highlights the importance of good sleep health for individuals to best achieve their personal, family and professional goals.

“Sleep is as important as food and air,” she pointed out.  “When we sleep well, we wake up feeling refreshed, alert and ready to face that day’s challenges.  When we don’t, every part of our lives can suffer.”

Also concerning are the studies showing correlations between poor and insufficient sleep and disease.  For example, insufficient sleep affects growth hormone secretion that is linked to obesity, in that as the amount of hormone secretion decreases, the chance for weight gain increases.  Blood pressure – a health issue for many – usually falls during the sleep cycle, but interrupted sleep can adversely affect this normal decline and result in hypertension and cardiovascular problems.  Additionally, research has shown that insufficient sleep impairs the body’s ability to use insulin, which can lead to the onset of diabetes.

“The good news is that most sleep disorders can be successfully treated or controlled once properly diagnosed,” Schindler reported.

She indicated the first step is talking with your healthcare provider, who may suggest a diagnostic sleep study to determine the cause of poor sleep.

“SleepCare is accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, so you can be confident in the results of your sleep study at WMH,” she added.

Schindler offers a questionnaire screening tool to individuals or their bed partners to evaluate their sleep quality. To receive a questionnaire or for more information about SleepCare, contact Schindler at 419-294-4991, extension 1992, or email her at