Ram Performance Clinic this June & July

May 21, 2018

The Ram Performance Clinic for high school athletes is available this June and July.

The sports enhancement program includes a Functional Movement Screening (FMS), goal-setting for the athlete and one-on-one training sessions tailored to each athlete’s needs.

Athletic Trainer Kelsey Scheerer from Wyandot Memorial Hospital’s SportsCare coordinates the clinic, which is open to students from any school district.

“FMS determines the movement baseline of an athlete and how well they are moving,” Scheerer explained. “It helps to identify areas in need of correction that could lead to a possible injury or decrease in performance.”

She noted the training sessions focus on the athlete’s body.

“It’s important the athlete can move well before they move often,” she noted. “Through the FMS screen and conditioning tailored to his or her needs, we help to protect, correct and develop the body for the demands of sport.”

The Ram Performance Clinic will be held by appointment during June and July, except the Upper Sandusky School district’s no contact week of June 30 – July 8. The initial assessment will be conducted at the USHS athletic complex, with workouts at the high school to follow.

The pricing for the Ram Performance Clinic is as follows:

Tier 1 - FMS evaluation and 1 training session - $50

Tier 2 - FMS evaluation and 3 training sessions - $100

Tier 3 - FMS evaluation and 5 training sessions - $150

Additional training sessions are available for $25 each.

“Any athlete – small or big, trained or untrained – will benefit from a program like this,” Scheerer stated. “Not one kid is the same, so before we have them all practicing and competing the same, we need to make sure they have a proper and functioning foundation.

“If we aggressively train an athlete with a body that is not functioning properly,” she added, “we introduce compensation and an increased risk of injury. I am here to help prevent that.”

For more information or to register for the Ram Performance Clinic, phone Scheerer at 419-294-4991, extension 2269, or email her at kscheerer@wyandotmemorial.org. Registration forms for download are also posted at usevs.org and wyandotmemorial.org.